Monday's Patch Notes

by Hendrik, 18 days ago

Update 22 Patch 3 Release Notes
Welcome to the Release Notes for Dungeons & Dragons Online! These notes were posted on Monday, August 4th, 2014.

News & Notes

The Bard Warchanter's Iced Edges and Northwind now work correctly after zoning.
Epic Destinies:
Fixed an issue that could cause a bard to receive infinite songs.
Bottled spells can no longer have an effect on certain monsters who are in a non-attackable state.
The experience awarded when completing a Saga is once again automatically consumed.
Quests, Events, and Adventure Areas:

Secrets of the Artificers
Blown to Bits
Fixed an issue that could cause the game to crash when collecting demolition charges.
Three Barrel Cove
Fixed a stuck spot.
Stacked items once again go into the Shared Bank, Bag Deposit Box, and Guild Chests correctly.

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Armor Up!

by Hendrik, 24 days ago


To give insight to player about the changes involved with our Armor Up changes, Paladin buffs, and other balance changes we are writing a series of developer diaries to explain upcoming changes we have planned for the game.

In this first offering we will discuss some extensions to our basic systems so players can more easily understand how all of this works together. With this post players should become more familiar with the following:

~ Physical Resist Rating (or PRR), the new formula the increases its power, and the bonuses to PRR that heavier armors will grant.
~ Magical Resist Rating (or MRR), the new rating that will mitigate magical damage, and the bonuses to MRR that heavier armors will grant.
~ Melee Power, the new melee specific attribute similar to Spellpower, and how certain static effects will scale with this new attribute.
~ Ranged Power, the new missile specific attribute similar to Spellpower, and how it might affect future abilities.
~ Improvements to the mitigation of heavier armors.

NOTE: I realize some of this is math heavy designer speak, but we felt that the DDO players interested in these details would benefit from a post about how all of this fits into our greater balancing plan, and how it begins to put pieces into place for future balancing.

We are expanding some of our existing systems to give much needed tools to balance characters in both heroic and epic levels. To understand some of our upcomg changes, players will want to familiarize themselves with four attributes which extend the current system.

Physical Resist Rating
The attribute is used to mitigate physical damage of all types. The game already has Physical Resist Rating. We are changing the mitigation formula of this attribute, effectively buffing its power. The new formula:

100 / (100 + Rating)

This boost will help mitigate the damage of melee enemies in Epic Elite and will help players to build characters that can survive toe to toe with those enemies.

Magical Resist Rating
This new attribute is the magical equivalent of PRR. It can be increased by wearing armor, gearing up Sheltering effects, and picking certain enhancements. This rating works on most magical effects. It will not reduce force, bane and some other special effects. The mitigation this rating provides following a similar formula as PRR.

100 / (100 + Rating)

Melee Power
The new attribute is essentially the melee version of Spellpower. Melee Power will not only increase the damage of straight weapon damage, but certain static effects from enhancements will now scale up with Melee Power allowing them to be more useful in epic levels. Melee Power will be gained from certain enhancements and from some melee epic destinies. Our plan is to have future loot include Melee Power. This rating increases melee attacks by the following formula.

(100 + Rating) / 100

As we rebalance static effects found in enhancements we will make these scale with Melee Power so they increase as you gain power and new loot. As an example, several Paladin damage sources that were previously static will now scale with Melee Power.

Ranged Power
This new attribute is ranged version of Melee Power, or if you prefer the ranged equivalent to Spellpower. This rating increases missile attacks by the following formula.

(100 + Rating) / 100

This rating won't be used much in our first set of chancges but is a future tool for ranged builds.

With the description of these new attributes in mind, we next want to update you to upcoming changes to heavy armor and shields.

Buffing Heavy Armor
We've already talked about our plans for making heavier armors and shields more effective, and we want to update you with the latest design. Wearing armor will now provide bonus mitigation by increasing your Physical Resist Rating and Magical Resist Rating. We have updated values below.

Note that the values are changed from previously announced values. This is due to the fact that the Physical Resistance Rating formula has changed to offer more mitigation for each point. With the new PRR formula these new values offer similar mitigation to those previously announced.

Physical and Magical Resist Ratings offered by armor
Robes or Outfits: No PRR, no MRR
Light Armor: 10 PRR, 10 MRR if armor has enchantments. (This is in addtion to the current PRR bonus of 2 + (BAB / 2.0) )
Medium Armor: 20 PRR, 20 MRR if armor has enchantments. (This is in addtion to the current PRR bonus of 4 + (BAB / 1.5) )
Heavy Armor: 30 PRR, 30 MRR if armor has enchantments. (This is in addtion to the current PRR bonus of 6 + BAB )

Shields will give additional PRR and, if enchanted, MRR.

Physical and Magical Resist Ratings offered by sheilds
Buckler: None
Light Shield: 5 PRR, 5 MRR if shield has enchantments.
Heavy Shield: 10 PRR, 10 MRR if shield has enchantments.
Tower Shield: 15 PRR, 15 MRR if shield has enchantments.

In addition, characters who are proficient with shields can also use the larger shields for defense against magical attacks that would normally require a Reflex saving throw. Instead of (or in addition to) using your Reflex saving throw to mitigate the damage you can deflect the damage off your shield. This is represented by increasing your Physical and Magical Resist Ratings against those types of attacks when using a shield. Note that you gain this additional mitigation whether you make your Reflex saving throw or not.

Physical and Magical Resist Rating multiplier against magical attacks that normally allow a Reflex saving throw.
Buckler: 1.0 (no additional mitigation)
Light Shield: 1.0 (no additional mitigation)
Heavy Shield: 2.0
Tower Shield: 2.0

This means that characters with heavier armor and/or heavy or tower shields have an alternate mitigation against large area of effect attacks to help them compete in high level content with characters who use Evasion.

Resistance Rating Caps and Evasion
In addition, there are new or changed caps on certain scores based on the armor you are wearing.

Buckler: None
Light Shield: None
Heavy Shield: No Evasion feat
Tower Shield: No Evasion feat

Magical Resistance Rating Cap for armor

Robes or Outfit: 100
Light Armor: 200
Medium Armor: No cap
Heavy Armor: No cap

Note that we have designed this so characters cannot gain both Evasion and the shield bonus coupled with high levels of resistance rating. This is intentional, as a character with both would be too powerful.

Magical Resistance Rating and Loot
Magical Resistance Rating will appear on existing and future items with the Sheltering effect. All items with the Sheltering effect will give an amount of MRR equal to the PRR of that effect. Note that armor type will still limit the amount of MRR you can have. In the future items may offer additional sources of PRR and/or MRR in addition to sheltering effects.

How does all of this work in future balancing?

In the next Armor Up developer's diary we will talk about the following topics:
~ Melee Power and scaling static abilities in epic elite.
~ Updated changes to Paladin to help them be fun and competitive in Heroic and Epic Elite content.


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25% off Haunted Halls!

by Hendrik, 24 days ago

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This coupon is good through August 1st! Limit 1 per account.

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Update 22p2

by Hendrik, 37 days ago

Update 22 Patch 2 Release Notes

Update 22 Patch 2 Release Notes
Welcome to the Release Notes for Dungeons & Dragons Online! These notes were posted on Wednesday, July 16th, 2014.

Of Special Note:

Spellsinger and Warchanter Improvements:

Some enhancements have changed locations or become multiple choice with other enhancements.
Music of the Sewer offers: +1 bonus to Difficulty Checks for Enchantment, Evocation, and Illusion spells. Fascinate now affects Oozes.
Music of the Dead now offers an additional +1 bonus to Difficulty Checks Enchantment, Evocation, and Illusion spells.
Music of the Makers now offers a +1 bonus to Difficulty Checks for Enchantment, Evocation, and Illusion spells.
Virtuoso now offers a +1 bonus to Difficulty Checks for Enchantment, Evocation, and Illusion spells.
Sonic Blast is now a Tier One enhancement SLA that blasts enemies with loud high-pitched sounds, dealing 1d2+2 sonic damage plus 1d2+2 sonic damage per 2 caster levels. (Maximum sonic damage 5d2+10.) The target must make a successful Will save to avoid be dazed for a short period of time, or until they take damage.
Willful is a new Tier Two enhancement that offers +1/2/3 Will Saving Throws.
Tier Two has a new SLA enhancement that selects either Suggestion or Reverberate. Suggestion: Influences the actions of an enemy, allowing you to suggest it to fight as your ally for 30+2 seconds per caster level. A successful will save negates this effect. Reverberate: Wrack the target's body with internal sonic booms, dealing 1d10 sonic damage +1 per three caster levels (up to caster level 18) every 2 seconds for a duration of 16 seconds. This spell can stack on the target up to 3 times, increasing the damage with each stack.
Wand and Scroll Mastery now offers a +1/2/3 to the Save DC's of your offensive wands. Wand Heightening has been cut from tier 1 and the bonuses added to Wand and Scroll Mastery in tier 2.
Tier Three now offers a Shout SLA: Emits an ear-splitting yell that does 4 to 6 Sonic damage per caster level to all targets in its path. A successful Fortitude save halves the damage. D&D Dice: Deals 1d3+3 sonic damage per caster level, up to caster level 15.
Frolic is now a Tier Four enhancement.
The duration of Song of Arcane Might has been increased to 24 seconds + 30 seconds per bard level.
There is a new Tier Five enhancement selection that offers either a Mass Hold or Horn of Thunder SLA. Mass Hold: Casts Hold Monster on multiple targets. Affected enemies become paralyzed and can take no actions for a maximum of 6 seconds per caster level. The enemy may attempt to make a new Will save every 3 seconds. Horn of Thunder: Blast your foes with 1d4 Sonic and 1d4 Electric damage per caster level. Creatures making a Reflex save take half damage. Max caster level: 25
Sustaining Song once again affects multiple allies, and now scales with Spell Power.
Maestro now adds +4 Charisma and +25 Universal Spell Power.
Song of Capering now has an extremely short casting time.

Warchanter's Positive Spell Power buffs have been increased to 5/10/15.
The first core ability is now a multi-selector with Skaldic Rage, and a new ability called Skaldic Constitution that offers a +1 Constitution bonus.
Weapon Training is now the second core enhancement.
Song of Heroism now offers an additional +1 damage when Inspire Courage is performed.
Fighting Spirit now offers a +20 Hit Point boost.
Victory Song now also provides +20 Hit Points, and adds an additional +1 damage to Inspire Courage.
The sixth core ability Warmaster now offers +25 Hit Points, and Inspire Heroics provides you and a targeted ally with a +5 Music Bonus to attack and damage, +10 Music Bonus to Physical Resistance and +10 Music Bonus to Resist Acid, Cold, Electric, and Fire damage, with a 180 second duration and cooldown.
Boast's temporary Hit Point boost is now 25/50/100.
Words of Encouragement now offers +5/10/15 Positive Spell Power.
Arcane Shield Chant provides a +1/3/5 Music Bonus to Energy Resistance.
Iced Edges now provides 1d3/1d4/1d6 extra Cold damage.
Ironskin Chant now offers you and nearby allies DR 2/4/6/- and +2/4/6 Music Bonus to PRR.
Frozen Fury now makes a melee attack with +1/2/3[w] damage. Frozen Fury and Spinning Ice Difficulty checks have been adjusted to be: "Attack enemies around you with a weapon for +2(W) damage. Each enemy is frozen solid if they fail a Fortitude save (14 + Charisma modifier + 1/2 Bard Level + Stunning modifiers), for a number of seconds equal to your half your Bard level. Bosses cannot be frozen." Increased ranks increases how much Bard levels contribute.
Frozen Fury's duration now scales with bard level.
Inspire Recklessness is now Reckless Chant, and allows you and nearby allies to gain +2/4/6 Music Bonus to Universal Spell Power and a +2/4/6 Music Bonus to Doublestrike and Doubleshot.
Armorer has moved down to become a Tier 4 enhancement, and offers medium armor proficiency and the ability to cast arcane spells in medium armor without arcane spell failure.
There is a new Multiple Choice selection available:
Rallying Cry: Action Boost: You and all allies within range of your songs gain +10/15/20% Action Boost bonus to movement speed, and a +1 Morale Bonus to Saving Throws for 20 seconds. This ability can be used while feared, and dispels fear effects.
Expeditious Chant: You and nearby allies gain +10/15/20% Action boost bonus to Movement Speed.
Northwind now works as follows: When you score a vorpal hit, your enemy briefly becomes frozen solid, with no saving throw. The cooldown has been increased.
A new Tier Five enhancement is available called Chant of Power: You and nearby allied gain +2/4/6% melee damage, ranged damage, and spell critical chance.
Howl of the North is now a +1 critical damage multiplier on attack rolls of 19 or 20.
Tier 5 Spinning Ice: Attack all enemies around you with +2/3/4[W] damage. Each enemy is frozen solid if they fail a Fortitude save (14/16/18 + Charisma modifier + Bard level), for a number of seconds equal to your half your Bard level.
Tier 5 Kingly Recovery: Target ally or self heals 10,000 HP. Removes ability score damage, death penalty effects, negative levels, and the conditions blinded, dazed, deafened, diseased, exhausted, fatigued, feebleminded, insanity, nauseated, poisoned, and stunned. 1/2/3 uses per rest.
Victory Song is no longer removed on entering quests, death, or resting, and is now a passive bonus rather than a toggle.

News & Notes

Airships and Amenities:
Airship Amenity Deeds can now appear in quest arc End Reward lists.
Amenity buffs are now based on the level of the guild whose airship is being used.
You can now name your guild's airship! Your airship can be named for free when first purchased, and can be renamed once for free by using the rename option available in the Airship Vendor UI in the Airship Showroom in the Harbor.
The Sign of the Silver Flame buff now gives its correct 5/10/15 Light and Fire Spell Power and Fire Resistance.
The Hag Apothecary tooltip now states what the amenity does.
Guild XP buffs are no longer dispellable by enemies.
When placing or removing an amenity, the UI will now close to allow the player to go right to the amenity.
The Banquet Hall Spirit Binder is no longer being paid off by the Rusty Nail, and will now correctly bind characters to their airship.
Platinum Deposits are now limited to just under one million plat at a time.
White Airship Sail dyes now properly dye the sails white.
Several typos have been fixed in amenity descriptions.

The "Bardic Music" effect bonus type has been renamed "Music."
Ten Thousand Stars is once again available as a Class Feat for monks.


The Agility enhancement no longer incorrectly increases the Dodge cap when each tier is taken individually.
Nature's Warrior
The Nature's Warrior enhancements now properly add their Hit Point benefits.
The combat text for the second and third levels of the Barbarian "Do You Like Pain?" enhancement now lists its correct percentage chance.
Coup de Grace now works properly with Fascinate and other stun effects which are removed on damage.
The icon indicating that a character is successfully Swashbuckling no longer occasionally incorrectly disappears.
Exploit Weakness no longer displays "floaty text" above an enemy during combat.
The Fast Movement text now accurately reflects that it gives +1% movement speed per bard level.
The Magic Backlash ability no longer triggers when the character is being healed (through the Monk's Fist of Light ability, for example.)
Epic Destinies:
The Draconic Incarnation Tier 3 ability Energy Burst now works correctly with the Go out with a Bang enhancement (allowing you to select any Energy Burst type.)

Fixed an issue that could cause an "invalid advancement data" message during character creation when trying to select Single Weapon Fighting at the same level that the Balance skill was increased to meet the feat's requirement.
The Epic Feat Hellball no longer does cold damage.
The Epic Skills feat now properly displays under the Epic Feats subheading.

Sovereign Guild Renown Elixirs now correctly state that the character gets a +200% Renown Bonus for the next six hours.
Stacks of Superior Guild Renown Elixirs no longer incorrectly display as Major Guild Renown Elixirs in inventory.
St. Mu'Ray's Fire is now Bound to Account, rather than Bound to Character.
The Green Gelatinous Cube Creature Companion Certificate is no longer bound, and can be traded.
The Epic Pouch of Jerky's description now matches its actual effect.
Madstone Rage now provides its proper 20% Melee Haste bonus.
Anniversary Cards can now go into the Bag Deposit Box.
Monster Manual:
Reanimated Corpses no longer increment the Zombie counter in the Monster Manual.
Cannith Artificers, Skeletal Warriors, Bats, and Magma Brutes no longer increment twice in the Monster Manual.

Quests, Events, and Adventure Areas:

Quest Ransack is now properly applying on Heroic Casual difficulty.
Dreaming Dark
Dream Conspiracy
The optional tile puzzle is no longer broken.
King's Forest
The Saboteur no longer displays quest dialogue after being killed.
Risia Ice Games
The tooltip has been fixed for the Snowball barter item.
Secrets of the Artificers
Lord of Blades
All players now teleport correctly in the summoning circles.
The Lord of Blades voice lines will no longer cut off.
Sentinels of Stormreach
Storm the Beaches
Ballistas no longer evade.
Three Barrel Cove
Fixed an issue where Fearless Frida's quest chalice failed to display correctly.
Nadine Shipton's transportation text no longer states that Three Barrel Cove is (CR 5-7).
Lacerator's chest now only spawns when Lacerator does in the Heroic wilderness area.
Fixed an issue that could cause players to get stuck in Three Barrel Cove or Barrel's Bottom.
Airships now explode correctly when destroyed by a ballista.
A Legend Revisited
The mini-kobolds have been sent to mine mini-Crystals in a far off land.
Ghost of a Chance
The Epic end reward list no longer gives low-level items, and gives more random items
Precious Cargo
Repairing your helm before a pirate airship boards no longer causes the dungeon to become incompletable.
Stained-Tusk no longer walks away from his post while using a turret when enemies are near.
Commodore Tew can now be affected by things that harm undead.
Prove Your Worth
The Epic end reward list no longer gives low-level items, and gives more random items.
Web of Chaos
Lords of Dust
Altars will no longer look like they are unbroken after they have been broken.
Spinner of Shadows
The Spinner's starting voice lines no longer cut off.

Completing Epic Quest Arcs now add two Heart Seeds into the End Reward list for that quest arc.

Shout and Greater Shout now deal 1d3+3 damage per caster level instead of the fixed damage they used to deal.
Shout's range has been increased to match that of Greater Shout.
Shout now costs 15 Spell Points.
Greater Shout now has a 30 Spell Point cost.

Damage in the Weapon Stats panel is now in accurate dice format.
Green and Purple Augment Slot upgrades in the Magma Forge now have their correct icons.
The Adventure Compendium now shows the correct levels in the wilderness tab.
Uncompleted Optional objectives in the XP Panel are now more clear that they have not been completed.

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